Private Residence 3

Location: Abuja, Nigeria (Asokoro)

Something about the combination of toffee colour with our Millan Ash Laminate really creates a soothing effect. That is what we did for this living room located in the Asokoro district of Abuja. We used laminate here but somehow achieved an effect that is almost indistinguishable from real wood.
Living Room
For the living room we opted for a corner sofa set and a modern Cubby centre table. We combined the TV Unit with a shelving stand to give our client extra storage space.
Dining Room
As for the Dining room, we opted for the Cross-Road Dining table with striped Graff dining chairs and a full wall unit that serves as a sideboard. We took it the next level with a special layered rectangle design to really elevate the space into something unique and special.