Private Residence 2

Location: Beirut, Lebanon

For this project, we were entrusted with an entire home located in a prime location in Beirut. Each room had a specific look that was requested.
Master Bedroom
This transitional style bedroom was inspired by nature’s hardest working creature, the bee. We used the classic honeycomb design but made it our own by reducing the symmetry and adding a little bit of randomness. Using the latest in CNC technology, we were able to craft original pieces seen in this apartment. We kept most of the wood dark and lush by using a Stained Walnut Veneer for the paneling and all the furniture pieces such as the side tables, chair, and sofa. The Gold in the honeycomb divider elevates the entire space into an artistic expression of our love for nature.
Bedroom 1
A small bedroom does not necessarily need to look small, that is why we decided to make an entire section of the wall into a mirror, immediately elevating the perceived size of the room. The design is simple and modern using a combination of white and wood grain laminate for the walls along with a custom dresser. We added a level of coziness and comfort by making the entire wall behind the bed into a plush upholstered headboard.
Bedroom 2
A woman’s bedroom is her ultimate refuge, her space to truly express herself. We kept this one simple with high gloss white, a beautiful walnut veneer for the paneling, and genuine leather headboard that adds character without stealing attention. The corner dresser and Baker chair allow for maximum space to move around. As for the accessories, we left it for the client to express herself however she felt her room should reflect her personality.
Dining Room
The dining room was requested to be luxurious and lush in a Victorian sense but without sacrificing modern style; this is why we chose to go for a transitional design. A transitional design is one that is inspired by traditional furniture and design but in a modern way; this dining room is a great example. We made the Trevi Dining set and Baker chairs with luxurious high gloss, gold, black, and walnut veneer as a shout out the classic extravagance of the Victorian era. Meanwhile the straight lines, and bold shapes are a nod to the modern more minimal styles. For the kitchen, we were fortunate to have a space that contained a lot of natural light. For this reason, we decided to use a Matt White finish as a way to reduce the reflect ion from the direct sunlight. We kept the cabinets handle-less and used a gorgeous quartz worktop for the island.
Living Room
For the living room we chose walnut veneer and an off-white color for the walls and paneling, adding touches of glossy black for that extra boldness. We then brought in touches of copper gold in the accessories and a small portion of the wall. The Mister corner set and Trevi center table provide a homey feel without sacrificing class in the TV area.