Private Residence 4

Location: Abuja, Nigeria (Asokoro)

One of the biggest influences in the design of modern spaces is shapes. When we were asked to design and produce a modern living room for this client, we decided to play with the idea of shapes and how they inter-connect with each other
Living Room
The sofa set along with the Eton Armchair and centre table worked very well for shape idea; especially with the quadrilateral inspired panelling behind.
Dining Room
For the dining room we opted for our Ebony Dining table with a mirrored panelling behind that also plays on the idea of shapes. The addition of geometric chandelier and other accessories brings the look together into a beautiful rendition of modern design.
The kitchen is designed using a Matte white colour juxtaposed to a beautiful light wood laminate for the chairs, cabinets and doors. We find this colour combination to be extremely soothing and a very popular choice overall. The island is designed in a special way so that it serves as a small dining table and a work space as well. We completed the look with the rustic un-upholstered version of our Graf chairs.
Bedroom 1
Sometimes a bedroom doesn’t need to be more than a simple and elegant space to sleep in. For this bedroom we played with the idea of parallel lines by inserting some beautiful striped panelling on the walls. We used simple a simple colour combination of laminate for the walls and desk/dresser.
Bedroom 2
The shape of a room plays a big role in how it will be designed. In this case we were given a rectangular room with odd door openings to work with. We made it work by putting the bed at the end of the room and then using the remaining space for a dresser and Victor armchair. We opted for a classic laminate upholstered headboard for the bed with a darker colour for the wall around it.